Digital vs. Social

Dogs are social animals, just like people were once. But that’s fast changing, at least from the people point of view, thanks to digital interfacing.

Have you ever nodded hello to someone walking down the street, only to realize from their blank expression and those little wires trailing down from their ears that they’re plugged into a pair of headphones? The shut-out becomes even more obvious – and, I must say, obnoxious – when that oblivious ear-phone-wearer also happens to be walking a dog.

You’ll see her dog wagging his tail and pulling at the leash, straining to say hello back to you and your own dog. But the walker just walks on by, yanking Fido along. If the dog lingers a little to pee a greeting on a nearby lamp-post, he gets an extra big yank. Score one for the deplorable person; zero for dog and negative-one for any hope left for humanity.


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