O Cannabis

We’ve seen all sorts of hoopla surrounding Canada’s legalization of weed. Newspaper business sections now track marijuana share prices. TV commercials tell newbies what to look for in a safe bit of blow, while other spots warn of the dangers of puffing and driving. Concerns over a recent postal strike mainly seemed to centre on how customers were going to get their on-line pot purchases.

Amid this constant ballyhoo, one salient factor about wacky tobacky hasn’t even been mentioned: how the lingering scent of its smoke smells exactly like skunk odeur. I’m not mentioning this because of its offensiveness; I’m talking as a dog person who has to walk my buddy three times a day, every day, all year long. And if there’s one thing that strikes fear into a dog walker’s heart, it’s the threat of a nearby Pepé le Pew preparing to go ballistic on you and your pooch.

Ever since legalization, indulgers in grass have been in seventh heaven. But if there’s a seventh hell, dog people will unfortunately be there, nostrils quivering, hearts pounding, leashes clutched in shaking hands, trying to suss out from which direction the aroma is coming and if it represents a dangerous menace or merely some fellow Canadians out enjoying their new-found liberty.


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