Five Reasons Why Your Dog is the Opposite of The Donald

I’m definitely not a fan of you-know-who. But, online, I keep that to myself: This blog is not about politics, other than how it might relate to dog culture.

Being a nice Canadian girl, I don’t want to intrude on the US political scene. However, I am also a proud Canadian girl, and I do take exception to the post-G7 mudslinging The Donald has flung at our prime minister and, by extension, our entire country.

So, in tit-for-tat retaliation, I’ve indulged myself by putting together this handy list of the top five reasons why your dog is the antithesis of the 45th US president:

1) Doesn’t have weird hair

Comb-overs are not an option for dogs. Granted, show dogs can look rather strange in relation to the ordinary dog on the street, but this is a human failing rather than their own.

2) Doesn’t possess a Zeppelin-sized ego

It’s not always all about them. They don’t constantly crave glowing ttributes or cocooning in Mar-A-Lago-like excess. In fact, dogs are thrilled to be granted even a brief acknowledgement of their existence from time to time.

3) Doesn’t power-trip

Yes, some dogs are more alpha than beta (my own poodle is so relaxed, I’ve decided he’s a zeta). But these roles shift about, depending on the pack they’re in at any given moment. In other words, dogs are naturally accommodating and understand the art of compromise for the better good.

4) Isn’t divisive

Dogs just want everybody to get along, and have an amazing knack for bonding family members together, no matter what other issues might tend to distract them.

5) Doesn’t have a clue about partisan politics

There’s no worries that dogs will verbalize their disappointment and anger over each daily Trumpian episode, or flood our inboxes with bizarre Tweeted rants. Indeed, our best friends wouldn’t know Donald Trump from Donald Duck. And you know what? This trait makes them much, much, much happier.

Lassie for President, anyone?

#DogsNotDonald #ApoliticalPups #thedogdoesntdie

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