Walking the Dog

“Once you open your home to a dog, your entire viewpoint

about the world and surroundings will change and for the better.”

I can’t remember where I found this quote, but it’s a good one. I’d like to apply it today to my dog walks with Neddy, my standard red poodle.

Walking a dog obliges you, several times a day, to get off your duff and go outside, no matter what the weather. Forget standing desks; you can get your blood circulating just fine with a dog. And regular walking offers other health benefits, including keeping your weight down.

Dog walk routes, radiating from your house, become routine over time, leaving your mind free for other things – even if a section of it is always focused on what the dog’s doing. These are great opportunities for you to ponder an issue with work or family, or even what’s up with Kanye West’s brain. It allows your subconscious free rein, which is wonderful for the creative process.

Then there’s the socializing – with neighbours, strangers, cats, children, and other dogs met along the way – so necessary for mental well-being. It keeps me plugged into the community and strengthens my bond with my ’hood, making me love it all the more.

And I’m not forgetting how it strengthens my bond with my dog, making me love him all the more, too. This is our special time together, and we both appreciate it immensely.

(Thanks to Spectacle Architects for the use of their whimsical picture)

#walkingthedog #thedogdoesntdie

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