The Miracle Worker

Sorry about the long-time-no-blog absence. But I’m not sorry about the month-long vacation I took at the family cottage in Muskoka. (For those not in the know, the Muskoka Lake region, a couple of hours north of Toronto, was named a few years back as “the best vacation spot in the world” by National Geographic Explorer magazine. Guess that’s why Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, among other big names, have cottages there.)

Normally, the prospect of spending all that time in the place that I love would be an unalloyed pleasure. That was before my standard Poodle, Neddy, developed a virulent allergy to pine. Given that the entire island we live on is covered with pine trees and inches-thick pine needle punk, and that I’d spent upwards of $4,000 trying to: a) figure out what was causing itchy, scarlet patches on his skin, and b) decide how best to medically treat his allergy, I was very leery of how this vacation would work out.

I headed north, laden with T-shirts and belts to cover his nether regions, medicated shampoos and steroid sprays. I also brought the new immune suppressant drug Apoquel, with which I’d been dosing him for a couple of weeks prior to leaving.

Imagine my delight when, after a few days, I did away with all the cover-ups (he hated wearing clothes – something Halloween costuming people should make note of) and medications, except for the Apoquel. That drug is a miracle. No problems; no worries. We were both able to enjoy the cottage the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Now I am not one of those bloggers who promotes products all the time (and I’m certainly no shill for any drug company). But I do believe in giving credit where it’s due; therefore, I’d like to thank the drug’s manufacturer, Zoetis, for putting out such an amazing product.

And I’d like to thank Muskoka for yet another amazing vacation.


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