F**K the Amish

Okay, so we’re a little hypocritical when it comes to livestock. Cows, chickens, sheep, etc. are cool to farm and feast on. It does bother us that many of these animals live in less than ideal circumstances, but we make up for it by buying free-range eggs.

Of course, we Westerners wouldn’t dream of eating dogs. So it comes as a shock to discover that dogs are being farmed right here in North America – not for their meat but for their monetary value. Everyone likes a cute little puppy, right? Well, everyone should also be aware that the puppy you buy in a pet store, through a newspaper ad, or even at a stand by the side of the road could well come from a dog farm. Here, dogs are kept crammed in tight cages all their lives, bred continuously, and only put out of their misery when they can’t produce any more of those cute little puppies.

Major perpetrators of these puppy mill horrors are the Amish. That’s right, the Amish. Those God-fearing farmers with old-fashioned beards and buggies who appear perfectly harmless to an outsider casually glancing their way. But look a bit closer at how they treat dogs, if you can stomach it: http://www.thepuppymillproject.org/amish-puppy-mills/.

#fktheamish #thedogdoesntdie

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